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"Partners in your healing process..I felt fit and rejuvenated after the first massage."

"A truly magical therapist..the resulting relief is always immediate and lasting"

"...As real as it gets...This place is great...very soothing and authentic atmosphere."

"...WOW...Traveling around the globe, this by far the best Thai massage I have ever Received..."

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Relieves Stress
Encourages Relaxation
Improves Posture
Improves Circulation
Relaxes Muscles
Improves Flexibility
Strengthens The Immune System

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"...I will ease the knots out of tensed up muscles, and renew your sense of calm and integrated well being. Your body will relax, inch by inch, beneath my a sensitive, intuitive, nurturing touch. Let Me Get My Hands On You, you'll feel fully satisfy.! “

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Thai Massage


What is Thai Massage?

Thai massage is also known as Nuat Boran, Ancient Thai Massage, Traditional Thai massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Bodywork, Passive Yoga, or assisted Yoga. Thai massage is a special form of massage therapy. Massage therapy is one of the most profound and fundamental alternative therapies in the field of alternative medicine and holistic health. Thai Massage is an ancient art of healing using an extraordinary method of aligning the energies of the body and originates from the time of the Buddha, more than 2,500 years ago in India. It is still practiced today in Thai massage schools, Thai temples, medical health care service providers throughout Thailand. Thai Massage treatment works along the energy lines using a combination of yoga stretches, reflexology, adjustments, acupressure and internal organ massage that makes Thai massage more energizing and rigorous than any kind of classic forms of massage.

How does Thai Massage Works?

Traditonal Thai Massage is performed on on a futon mat on the floor. The recepients wear loose fitting clothing. We also provide you with an loose comfortale outfit to wear, like sweat pants. Thai therapist uses her whole body, including her feet, arms, legs to gently stretch all of your tight muscles and move your body into various positions, so in some ways it might feel more even intimate than a Swedish Massage, where you lay on a massage table and are covered with sheets. Anyway Kinnaree Thai Massage does not provide any kind of erotic or sex massages. Thai Massage helps recipients reduce stress, muscle tension and stiffness, enhance relaxation, relieve pain and improve circulation and flexibility. The recipients will feel more balanced physically, mentally and spiritually. Thai massage is used for Healing Treatment. It should not be confused with sensual massage.

How Often should I Get a Massage ?

Massage therapy is so much more than a luxurious way to relax. It is an investment in yourself and in your health. It should be regarded as proof to your dedication towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. At a minimum, many massage therapists agree that receiving massage once a month is a good start. However, once every two weeks is better. Weekly massage will make you look and feel years younger! Take a mini vacation for an hour or two!

In some cases, receiving massage once a week or more may be indicated, especially in the case of clients who have had recent physical trauma. Frequent gentle massage after a car accident, for example, is far more beneficial than intermittent deep tissue work. A doctor may advocate for massage to treat a specific ailment, and the doctor's recommendation may include a suggestion for frequency as well.

Who should Get Traditional Thai Massage?

Traditional Thai massage is an ideal system for yoga practitioners, athletes, workers, people who suffer from stress, anxiety or chronic pain anyone who wants to experience more vitality and body awareness.

Note: If you are having radiation therapy, avoid massage in the treatment area

More Question about Thai massage ?

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