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"Partners in your healing process..I felt fit and rejuvenated after the first massage."

"A truly magical therapist..the resulting relief is always immediate and lasting"

"...As real as it gets...This place is great...very soothing and authentic atmosphere."

"...WOW...Traveling around the globe, this by far the best Thai massage I have ever Received..."

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Relieves Stress
Encourages Relaxation
Improves Posture
Improves Circulation
Relaxes Muscles
Improves Flexibility
Strengthens The Immune System

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"...I will ease the knots out of tensed up muscles, and renew your sense of calm and integrated well being. Your body will relax, inch by inch, beneath my a sensitive, intuitive, nurturing touch. Let Me Get My Hands On You, you'll feel fully satisfy.! “

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Thai Massage Therapist Directory

Having your honey rub your back is sweet, but it's tough to compete with the hands of a pro. A good massage therapist can make you feel like a new person. Enjoy your hands-on time with your sweetie, but set aside some time for getting a real massage from our professional Thai massage therapist, too.- Learn more about good things of Thai massage.

Remember, having someone give you a foot rub, back rub, or hand rub can be very relaxing and may relieve pain. Some people find brushing or stroking lightly more comforting than deep massage. Use whatever works best for you. Pick up the phone and talk to them about your special need because you are a special one.

First, you must find a therapist you feel comfortable with. You can certainly choose a therapist whom you feel good. View Profiles of Massage Therapists and find the right therapists based on your needs. Even though appointments can be scheduled seven days a week, please let us know which masseuse you want to get a massage to make sure you got the right person.


Please do not contact our Therapists below if you're seeking any kind of illegal / inappropriate sexual services.

Massage Therapist: Sonia

Specialty: Thai body massage and Thai Oil Massage.
Style: Strong and Powerful
Education: Marketing, Thai Massage

“Hi, my name is Sonia. I am certified in Massage Therapist and have been practicing massage therapy for over many years. I myself get massage regularly also. Thai body yoga massage is my preference combined with deep tissue technique. I have the ability to customize an individual massage experience drawing from my knowledge of multiple disciplines. What I enjoy most about being a massage therapist is the positive change I see in my clients after I work with them.

Please ask for Sonia to make sure you got me. I am here to help you relax with early morning to late night appointments. Let me work within your schedule. “


If you are looking for a professional unique and personally tailored powerful and deep massage, from strong hands of a real sweet Thai lady. Call SONIA!